Rapid Diagnostics

EVA-System: Easy-to-use Biosensor System

The biosensor system of Davos Diagnostics, EVA -System is a small, easy-to-use system for rapid measurements. The end user has a minimum of manipulations to perform. Starting form a drop of blood plasma or serum, the user obtains a quantitative and sensitive result in just ten minutes. This is achieved by combining the innovative multiplex EVA-Biosensor Technology with specific biochemistry to detect the desired biomarkers.
Target end-user of the EVA-System is the researcher, specialized physician, his personnel or any other person involved in quantitative diagnostics. The customer benefit is evident, as the end-user will have to perform only very few simple steps to obtain high quality diagnostic results in-house.

The EVA-Chip, as illustrated in the picture, is a disposable measurement cartridge that contains multiple fully separated measurement wells. Current test systems use an eight well design without any sample preparation. The number of wells can modified for specific products. In each well, specific recognition molecules are present.