Rapid Diagnostics

Davos Diagnostics develops and produces systems for rapid testing. The small EVA-Systems are suited for a large variety of different analytical fields:

  • Research
  • IVD & Medical diagnostics
  • Food quality control
  • Environmental analysis
  • Forensics
  • Veterinary
  • Quality control

Davos Diagnostics EVA-System, is a unique rapid test system for quantitative tests, and will allow identifying multiple parameters in parallel with just a few drops of serum or plasma the patient. The sample is placed in the disposable EVA-Chip and measured in the small EVA-Reader instrument.

The easy-to-use test kits (instrument, consumables, reagents) by Davos Diagnostics exploit the unique advantaged of the proprietary EVA-Biosensor Technology and will enable rapid, sensitive diagnostic tests. The small advanced optical EVA-Reader instrument, can be placed directly in every lab for decentralized quantitative biochemical testing at any place where needed by any person. This offers optimal, cost-effective workflow in research, quality control and analytical laboratories and – most important – with  a few manipulation steps the results are available within 10 minutes.